don’t tell me this hasn’t crossed your mind even once

"The Man in the Tan Jacket"I’ve been listening to “Welcome to Night Vale” a lot lately, here’s some fanart of the man in the tan jacket and his deerskin suitcase filled with possibly trained flies, love this podcast <3

teripops said: This asshole in my highschool did the Napoleon Dynamite dance for a class where we needed to make one up but nobody ever called him out on it. Stuff like this just pisses me off, that kid did not earn that A.

The player says that the video was removed by the user. Thank goodness. If you’re going to pay tribute to something, at least credit the source material and don’t do it as a school project unless you’re supposed to be recreating a scene. 

I’m so mad. The Tim and Eric rip off video is still getting notes. Where are the anti-plagiarism people on this site when you need them. There is no credit to my favorite Tim and Eric sketch anywhere on the post or on youtube. 

A Story About Them

This avatar site is really cute and I love it.

^example avatar, aka mine ^

The site is new and could use some good community members to help it out.