This is from JonTron’s Birdemic review.
It was so goddamn cute i just had to draw it out.
The New Thor Is A Woman

I am having a party in my heart.


"Someone’s speaking ill of my wonderful, beautiful, oh-so-perfect, Carlos!"

I had to do it okay, and I might make more from that episode! 

You can see the Seans contributions all over the desk!And running down the walls! Yes! So much nicer!

Gosh this episode was everything I ever desired!

How can I be expected to get curly fries and roast beef sandwiches IF I CAN’T EVEN FIT INSIDE THE BUILDING?!
He then proceeded to stomp the new Arby’s into the sand, which angered the high priests of the cathedral of Huntokhar who prayed that he would wrathfully stick gum in the locks of Cecil’s apartment so he can’t get inside.
Cecil buys his shoes from the same place Ryan Stiles buys his.